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Joyce Winkler
Born in New Jersey
53 years
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Death is not extinguishing the light; it is putting out the lamp because dawn has come. Rabindranath Tagore

This memorial website was created to remember our dearest Joyce Helen Winkler who was born in Wayne, NJ on March 2, 1952 and passed away on September 6, 2005. You will live forever in our memories and hearts.

I welcome you to leave messages, light a candle, and submit memories that you have of my Mom.  I could use a little support as I am finding that even though it has been almost two years since I lost my Mom I am still grieving significantly.  I probably always will.  I would love to hear stories and remember the good times. Just remember that you never have a second chance to love those around you.  You never have a chance to take back the things you said or choices you made, so make sure you treat your Mom right or you will regret it.  She can be gone in a flash, just like mine. 


I had a one of a kind, special, extra-bright and shiny flashlight that guided me down paths and lit a way for me.  It was the coolest flashlight in town because it allowed me to choose which  paths to go down.  It might not have been a perfectly straight path I walked, but it got me where I needed to go. My flashlight made me feel safe, like I could see what was coming and when to get out of the way. My flashlight searched for danger for me and would shine brightly in the eyes of those that frightened me.  My flashlight didn't allow for me to see everything that was out in the dark, but it pointed me in the right direction.  Then one night My flashlight was taken from me. My light was stolen from me without any warning and it left me lost, alone and in the dark. How could I see where I had come from or where I was going without my flashlight.  It was like my history and my future were erased in the flick of a bulb. I was completely confused and sad, very sad.  Where was my trusty light?  How did it go out so fast? I swear it had batteries with plenty of energy!  It looked like a brand new flashlight, well ok, maybe not brand new one but it looked like it had a LOT of life left it in.  It hadn't dimmed at all for the amount it had showed me.  Without warning? How could this happen, my flashlight had always been by my side!  No! I screamed, this isn't happening, I need my light so I can see where to go and not to go.  That light had a lot more paths to ease me down to show me, without showing me too much, where it was safe and where I didn't need to go.  I was in the dark.  Nobody was going to show me the way.  Then, slowly, over time it was like my eyes adjusted to the darkness and I could start to make out figures - you know how that happens when you turn all the lights out?  Little by little the darkness faded to a lighter shade of black.  Where is this coming from? I thought.  Is my flashlight working again? But it wasn't. It wasn't the same kind of light. None the less it continued to get lighter and lighter and it was then that I realized my flashlight had never left me.  It had just changed perspectives.  Now my light was shining from within my heart instead of from by my side.  It is with this light that I am starting to find my way out of the darkness.  It's still not bright enough to light my path, but with each memory my trusty flashlight glows stronger and points me towards the decisions I need to make to have all the happiness she always wanted for me.

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